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abc - anyone but the conservatives!

If you have been looking for a website to help you harness your strategic voting impulses, here it is:

The page contrasts 2 election outcomes:

If we split our votes/If we vote smart:

Cons... 130 / 75
Libs... 83 / 123
NDP.... 41 / 52
Green... 0 / 1
Bloc... 52 / 55
IND... 2 / 2

You can view your riding to see the results from the last election as well as all current industry polling results & a recommendation as to how you could cast your vote to prevent vote splitting or a conservative victory. This is particularly important in the swing ridings the webpage highlights.

The site has received over half a million pageviews already & counting. Please take a moment to view the site & spread the word.

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