iconotron (coevalpretext) wrote in ottawa_activism,

I'm writing this to see how accurate I can be. I will follow up this post with comments in December 2009. Anyone else want to do the same?

2009 is just around the corner. Rioting and arson by Muslims has broken out in Sweden again.

The year will begin with massive lay-offs, as consumption dwindles. As inventories pile up, production lines will be shut down. Defaults on credit cards and mortgages will accelerate by March.

Initially, Obama will set off a flurry of hope, but this will prove too little too late by summer. As people get hungry and desperate, civil unrest will rise around the globe. Sweden will be a template for immigrant violence.

Next winter will be harsh for the unemployed and homeless. Currency will either be in short supply or devalued by inflation.

In a vaccum of power, self-defence by individuals will be necessary.
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