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1) Background
The Ravenswing DIY Fair is an annual craft and zine fair which focuses on supporting local urban art and culture while building a stronger local arts community through networking. Ravenswing proudly shares Minto Park with The Clothesline Project, a public art display made by women to end violence against women. This year, Ravenswing 2009 will be held Sunday, May 24th from 11am-4pm at Minto Park (by Elgin and Gilmour, across from the Jack Purcell Community Center). There will be local bands, vendors, and workshops.

2) Volunteer Requirements
Each volunteer is asked to do a minimum of a two hour shift. This shift can comprise set-up, take down, or one hour in two different job areas other than set-up/take-down. This will ensure that you have plenty of time to appreciate the Fair, as well as making sure volunteers do not get stuck doing one thing all day. We will stick to your availability, and do our best to give you your top 2 preferences, depending on the quantity and choices of all the volunteers. All volunteers will be part of a Volunteer Appreciation Party after the Fair.

3) Volunteer Job Descriptions

Street Team - Requires stamina, walking outdoors, and knowledge and facility with tape. Taking Ravenswing posters and taping them up at designated areas in the city.

Set-up - Requires endurance/strength. Assisting in carrying tables and placing them around the park. Setting up tents. Helping vendors set up their tables. Putting up the information table and associated Ravenswing banners and paraphernalia.

Take-down - Requires endurance/strength. Assisting in helping vendors put away their tables. Taking down tables and carrying them away. Cleaning up any excessive garbage in park. Putting away Ravenswing table and associated paraphernalia.

Ravens - Mobile. For flexible people. Doing odd jobs, such as covering for a vendor's table if they need to get food or go to the washroom. You may also be asked to assist at the Info Table, with Stage Management, or greet new people coming into the Fair.

Info Table - Stationary. Sit at the informational table and watch the Ravenswing paraphernalia, accept donations, and explain what's going on.

Greeters - Mostly mobile. For gregarious people. Approaching newcomers (who haven't been to the Info Table) to the Fair and giving them programs/pamphlets, as well as explaining donations and what the Fair's about. When there are no newcomers, Greeters can hang out at the Info Table.

4) Volunteer Form
To volunteer, you can fill out this simple form and email it to with "Volunteer Form" in the subject line. You will be contacted as soon as possible for confirmation and orientation.


Volunteer hours are between 9am-6pm.
Example - My availability is from 9am-10am, or 1pm-5pm.

Please enumerate your preference, 1 being best and 6 being least preferred.
Street Team
Info Table

Thank you for your interest in Ravenswing! You rock!

Faye C. Estrella
Volunteer Coordinator
Ravenswing DIY Fair 2009
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