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Lazy Activist Action Re:Seal Hunt

This is the lazy activist action- at the very least all you have to do is "sign" the letter that is already written and cc'ed to the appropriate senators.
Please take just a minute to do so!

Urge Senators to Second the Harb Seal Bill

On March 3rd, Senator Mac Harb introduced an historic bill to end the commercial seal hunt in Canada. For the first time, Canadians can support a legislative initiative in our own country that would save hundreds of thousands of defenseless seal pups each year from the end of a club or a bullet.

Senator Harb has just a few more weeks to find another Senator to second his bill. If the bill is seconded, it must be publicly debated - marking the beginning of the end for this cruel hunt. Please write these five Senators asking them to show their courage by stepping up to the plate and seconding the Harb Seal Bill.
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