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Exile infoshop garage sale - CALLOUT for vendors!

Exile Infoshop Punk Rock Garage Sale!

What: Exile Infoshop Punk Rock Garage Sale (duh!)
When: June 27th, 9am-6pm
Where: 256 Bank St (2nd Floor - the space is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible)
Why: Because we all need some extra coin to get us through the recession.

Are you tired of accumulating junk that you don’t want, but that
others might need? Are you tired of Glebites hogging all the garage sale glory? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, then you are not alone. This is why Exile Infoshop will be holding its first ever punk rock garage sale! Why punk rock? Because it worked at SAW Gallery in 2005, so we’re stealing the idea.*

On June 27th, between 9am and 6pm, we’ll be offering our space to interested members of the community who would like a little space to hock their goods to other interested folks. So, if you’ve got clothes, CDs, records, books, DVDs, stuffed animals, half-used sticks of deodorant or whatever else might be sitting in your closet and you’d like to get rid of it, let us know! We can’t stress enough the importance of getting in touch with us soon though. We’ve only got
enough room for a small number of vendors (10-12), so send us an email to book your spot ASAP!

How to book a spot:

Send an email to library(at)exilebooks(dot)org. Include the following
- Your name
- A list of the kind of stuff you plan on selling
- Do it all before June 13th.

And now here’s the catch:

Like you, exile infsohop needs to pay rent. It sucks, but we’ve got to do it. So, we’ll be asking that vendors pay an itty-bitty fee of $10 or 10% of your sales, your choice. Considering that some places at the Glebe garage sale were charging up to $40 for a spot, we think that this is a pretty sweet deal.

Also, Exile isn’t the world’s closet, so any stuff that you don’t sell will have to make the return trip back home with you.

Finally, because of limited space in the shop, we can’t guarantee that everyone who asks for a spot will get one. We’ll try to accommodate as many people as possible, but we can’t make any promises.

That’s it. Now go find some crap to sell!

*Participation is not limited to punks. Hippies, indie and emo kids, rude boys/girls, hardcore tough guys/girls, vegans/vegetarians, shoegazers and hip hop kids are also welcome. Juggalos need not

** Just kidding about the juggalos.
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